Sales Network

1,24 hours of completion of the system: In pursuit of service orders completed within 24 hours, 24-hour response, 24-hour information to respond to and monitoring;
2, "One vote in the end" system: each service order is the first who took over , then the processing of orders taken over the whole process which is responsible for tracking, implementation, until processing is complete;
3, Fifteen minutes to respond to the system: receiving customer calls, fifteen minutes to reply;
4, Four monitoring mechanisms: the introduction of customer-site sign monitoring, supervision and marketing representatives to visit headquarters dispatch center telephone follow supervision, "a mysterious client" to send supervision;
5, Six response system;
6, Dual supervision system: high-level supervision of the implementation of the company, service Corporation supervision department heads dual supervision system;
7, Three security system: Part warehouse, regional warehouse center, two warehouses triple protection.

Service culture 
service concept: everything for the customers, creating customer value
service objectives: to exceed customer expectations, exceed industry standards
service standards: zero-motion 3 - zero defect, zero distance, zero complaints
service slogan: quality services to create value to change the world.