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Uses and Features automatic disc machine

   Uses and Features automatic disc machine
 I. The machine adopts the most popular international advanced electromechanical control systems ( dual control PLC) intelligent control , the machine uses a motor action with the completion of additional aerodynamic optimization , automatic completion of delivery Cup , falling cups, filling, suction robot film , sealing mechanical hand out cups and other functions. . Compact structure with a high degree of automation, easy to use, easy to maintain , and high production efficiency . 24 hours of continuous work . Stainless steel , aluminum , copper and other anti-corrosion materials comply with the Food Sanitation Law , stable performance, reliable equipment is ideal for major food production lines.
 Second, the main technical parameters
 Yield < 1800 cups / hour
 Power > 2KW
 Dimensions : 100 × 125 × 135
 Weight > 280kg
 Filling volume : 300 g
 Use the power AC220V/50HZ
 Temperature range 0-400 ℃
 Third, the working principle and structure
 The whole action using a combination of motor plus aerodynamic optimization is complete, fully flexible smooth maneuvering system and pneumatic systems and so on. Control system intelligently monitors all actions , minimizing the chance of human error due to cause damage to the machine operator . Each action is divided into manual and automatic operation mode, so the operation of the machine and debugging are very convenient.