Technical Support

The main characteristics of foam machine

   1.The standard foam machine capacity 30KG .50 KG .100 KG.150KG 250KG.500KG Also, we can manufacture the needs of users and the material: SUS304 sandwich, (another variety of specifications), automatic temperature control, to ensure the best raw materials quality and stability.
 2 uses advanced automatic frequency control devices, pressure systems, alarm systems, which can set multiple different discharge volume, can change the settings at any time
 Machine for the production of polyurethane foam material scope: industrial electrical box covers seals, elastomers, electronics, automotive, aerospace, furniture, sports equipment, refrigeration equipment, shoes, soft foam building materials high resilience foam.. slow rebound. since the crust. filters, insulation materials, steering wheel, automotive upholstery, filler, line sheets, toys, fitness equipment, pillow, steering wheel, car bumpers, wood furniture, wood frame ﹑ guide flow panels, instrument panels, motorcycle seat, bicycle seat, armrest ﹑ etc.