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Laser cutting machine for what village cutting?

Along with the progress of the society, the application of advanced technology to more and more by field name. Such as laser in the last century, for ordinary people is a strange and mysterious things, and now with the maturity of the technology, laser has been applied in many industries, today we are going to discuss the material suitable for laser cutting machine.

Sheet metal: Golden laser lamp pumped YAG high precision cutting machine is mainly used for high accuracy mobile phone, digital products, automotive and motorcycle industry of stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, copper plate cutting and drilling.

1, carbon steel cutting:

The maximum thickness of the modern laser cutting system can cut carbon steel plate to plate close to 20mm, its slit is narrow to about 0.1mm. Laser cutting of low carbon steel and the minimal heat affected zone, and the cut on flat, smooth, good verticality. The high carbon steel, laser cutting edge cutting quality is good in low carbon steel, but its heat affected zone. Our AHL series laser cutting depth 5mm

2, stainless steel cutting: laser cutting easier cutting stainless steel sheet. Cutting system for high power YAG laser, maximum cutting thickness stainless steel have been up to 4mm. Cutting stainless steel thickness up to 4mm of low power YAG laser we developed cutting system.

3, alloy steel cutting:

The majority of alloy steel by laser cutting, the cutting edge of good quality. But containing tool steel and hot die steel tungsten, laser cutting has corrosion and slag.

4, aluminum and alloy plate cutting:

Aluminum cutting belongs to the fusion cutting, assisted by the gas blow away the melt cutting area, can obtain better surface quality. At present, the maximum thickness of cutting of aluminium plate for 1.5mm.

5, other metal cutting:

Copper is not suitable for laser cutting, cut very thin. Titanium and titanium alloy, nickel alloys are available for laser cutting.

Non-metallic materials: Wuhan golden laser CO2 laser cutting machine CO2 marking and engraving machine series suitable for cutting carving wood, paper, leather, rubber, acrylic, plastic, cloth fiber composite materials, carving horn, double color plate, paint