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Straight cutting machine industry difficulties still

  Currently, the demand for straight cut from the device -associated strong industry perspective , it is difficult to see positive demand trend: real estate. Low and stable growth of newly started 1- May real estate investment growth rate down , new construction area and real estate sales growth also fell slightly . January to June , the domestic sales of commercial housing sales area and the growth rate compared to last year , with January-May year on year growth rate continued to fall compared to 9.6 percentage points. Real estate as a straight cutting machine equipment needs largest contributor to its driven steel industry will be affected , directly or indirectly, the demand for straight cutting machine equipment have a negative effect.
 Currently, Chinas crude steel production capacity of approximately 10 million tons, but since 2013 , the weak domestic steel demand , steel mills in order to protect their existing market share, but also do not want to cut first , a series of factors superimposed so that domestic steel prices continued downward . In the same ore price downward from the port stocks , the market is still very abundant supply . Slow market demand , while supply is relatively abundant , leading domestic iron ore mining plant willingness low , thereby affecting the demand for loaders and excavators and other equipment.
 As a straight cutting machine equipment needs  big one  of the coal industry , after some consolidation after the column , the production mode of operation gradually toward modernization , automation development , led to a substantial decline in demand for straight cutting machine ; addition, there continued to be the impact of imported coal , prices kept falling , demand for domestic straight cutting machine play inhibition.