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Machinery and equipment industry indifference affect the development of disc machine

Machinery and equipment industry indifference affect the development of disc machine
   Once the disc is one of China's machinery industry 's fastest growing industries. Benefit from economic development , high growth rate of fixed asset investment and real estate boom in this industry sector has made in China 's richest man . Economic forms since 2009 this year is the second worst year for the financial crisis , China is relatively stable development environment also affected the world economy began to receive shocks , growth appears significantly slow down the phenomenon . Especially since the last real estate is regulated , and associated mechanical equipment from the disc was unmarketable , the survey report shows that the industry has begun to collective backsliding , China 's construction equipment industry growth rate began to decline significantly , several leading companies gain linear decline .
For the self-employed , they have to reflect this business is exceptionally well done , not only received the list is difficult , but the project is also more difficult to recover money . By restricting the development of the entire disc machinery industry , disc machine equipment sales industry warmly than in previous years . Under the national economic policy control , high prices and labor costs inhibited the development of more small and medium enterprises , and sustained downturn in economic trends inhibits stimulating consumption , even to the vacuum machine industry has brought forward a negative impact . Would have been able to enter the market of high-end machine manufacturers, due to budget and all aspects of customer needs , can only continue to survive in low-level products in the field , by selling low technical level of the disc drive to stabilize the market position.
 Although now the machinery market in the doldrums , but I believe in the coming years there will be a greater improvement , in order to adapt to the development of society, China 's public facilities such as roads and sewer systems have an urgent need to improve the problem , coupled with the real estate industry the temperature gradually pick up , this is to give a chance to turn over the disc machinery industry . And stimulate economic recovery by the market , will give the disk drive industry more room for development .