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Migration must not suitable, it is inevitable!

    Guangdong Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic door survey data show that last year , transferred to overseas Chinese from Guangdong has 41 investment projects , including the transfer of the project to Malaysia and Vietnam , respectively, 15 and 13 , mainly in textiles and clothing and footwear .
Labor-intensive enterprises that workers earn money itself , and now there is no labor advantage in Dongguan , profitable business , and do not move a dead end, so it must have moved . " Relocation of businesses to move past once and for all is not as it gained some early customers . One million people in the factory , probably the first two thousand people on the outside to open a factory there and gradually up, and then gradually reduce the side , Finally, completely cut off , which had moved to the mainland with Taiwan enterprises almost exactly the same situation . "
    However, there are shoes machine enterprise prophecy , just as is the scenery after the original Taiwanese Shoes enterprises to enter the territory of the mainland continent later when the shoe machine industry to grow and replace the same, go out of business , will also encounter localized competition. " Early on, the mainland is no shoe machine industry , thanks to Taiwan. Taiwan-funded enterprises Shoes moved to the mainland , the mainland's domestic shoe machine industry also developed, Taiwan's shoe machine industry is a very big hit now , too Dongguan shoe machines ( industrial ) transferred to these places in India , Cambodia, people may go to their local shoe production machine, which is sooner or later . "