Technical Support

Market is a double-edged sword, often both opportunities and challenges.

   "In the current development situation , enterprises must adjust their mentality , rapid growth has not now want to pursue , the most important question current business is to continually enhance the brand and technical strength ." Lu Ying analysis, from the current situation to look, even though the industry is in transition stage, but foam machinery market demand remains strong , global demand is still very impressive. In the era of rapid growth in the past , companies lose ground blindly pursue expansion and market share , resulting in the industry , there are many problems to be solved , and now the development of the industry into the fast growth period , just have time to resolve the past did not have the conditions to digest some of the problems.
   This is the development of the industry to a certain extent will go through the stages , enterprises should understand some changes and adjustments to adapt to the current state of development of the industry . Passive adjustment from the past , into the present initiative to adjust , to focus on the urgent need to enhance the company's current deep-rooted problems to be solved , such as the level of management, R & D capabilities and other aspects .
At present, the domestic brands and foreign brands compared to the recognition of the user in mind there is a gap , a number of foreign companies products in the international and domestic brands have a stable market position and loyal users. Users have their own yardstick to measure the quality of products , quality long-term stability , reliability, cost-effective brand recognition in the market, the extent of it is high. Despite the high price of some foreign products , but no matter how the market development , sales were relatively stable and always . While domestic enterprises in this regard , there is obviously insufficient, need to redouble our efforts . In the future, the conditions and the rapid expansion of the space industry 's rapid growth is difficult to re- appear, but there is potential for development of the industry , which requires users to improve product quality, performance and other aspects of multi- brand awareness efforts .